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Dressage and showjumping competitions open to all 18yrs & over. Members enjoy the added benefits of rallies and clinics with specialist trainers.

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BRC coronavirus update 16:30 Tuesday 17 March 2020

We share your frustrations and concerns and have taken time to listen to government advice, using it to make a decision on the next steps we should take within BRC.

After the government’s update yesterday eventing (Monday 16 March 2020), we are now able to issue the following updates:

1. We strongly recommend that no riding club activities of any nature should take place, up to and including 30th June 2020.

2. We would encourage committee meetings to take place virtually if possible, to enable planning for future activities once restrictions are lifted.

3. We regret to announce the cancellation of the BRC championships:

With the current 30 June restriction, the first three championships fall under the time frame as detailed above. Whilst the National Horse Trials Championships fall outside of this restriction period, we are mindful that it would leave a very short window in which to hold qualifiers. Various options have been explored with regards to the event format and entry requirements, however, due to the nature of the event, it has not been possible to find a safe and viable way forward.

All championship entries that have been processed for the above cancelled events will be refunded in accordance with our refund policy detailed in Rule G2.3. All stable bookings will be refunded in full on this occasion. The team here at HQ will be working to process these as soon as practically possible.

This is a very challenging time for us all and we know that you are understandably worried about the on-going care of your horses.

The BRC team and committee are extremely disappointed to lose these events as we enjoy running them as much as you all enjoy attending.



All competitions, rallies, trainings and other club activities must be paid for using Horse Monkey.

All members will need an account, as Eshop has now been removed from the website.

If you need any help in setting up an account please contact Laura.

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Social Functions & Teams

We also hold social functions for members, the favourite being Somerford Park Camp held annually.

Call us to learn more or visit our membership page.

Our teams, of which any member can be part of, regularly represent the Club at Area 20 competitions and if you fancy joining in a team, please see the Committee page for the relevant organiser.